Italians invest in it like this

China is playing its cards very well as regards both the war in Ukraine and technological development.

In fact, China plays a secluded but very important role in the war in Ukraine. In fact, China is taking advantage of the delicate Russian situation to buy oil and gas from Russia at very low prices.


Indeed, as we know Russia approaches default and to earn as much money as possible it is selling oil and natural gas to China at a discount.

China helps Russia and makes money

So China takes advantage of the situation and buys the precious Russian energy products at a real price very low.


With oil and natural gas bought at low prices, China has a big advantage but the land of the dragon is preparing to spread precisely on the technologies of the future. In fact, China is investing heavily in artificial intelligence, electric cars and self-driving cars. Chinese cars have never been lucky in Europe but also in the United States. But with the very strong technological innovation that the country of the dragon is putting in place, the new electric and self-driving cars according to experts, they will be a success both in Europe and in the United States.

China increasingly innovative

But it is also on artificial intelligence and social networks that China is investing a lot. In fact, the country of the dragon with its strong investments in Research and Development wants to dominate precisely those key sectors of technological development. The country of the dragon had remained somewhat in the shade when the covid pandemic hit. But today it is preparing to become an ever more dynamic and ever more dynamic economy modern and so many are needed invest.

How to invest in the Chinese economy

But investing in the Chinese economy is not difficult even for ordinary savers. In fact, for anyone wishing to invest in the economy of this innovative country, there are various ETFs that bet precisely on Chinese companies. These etfs have the most Chinese companies in their own portfolio dynamics and more innovative. So by purchasing these etfs you will have in one fell swoop the Chinese companies that are investing most in research and which are better positioned on future global markets. For those who want to invest in this dynamic country it is certainly an easy and immediate form of investment.

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