Italy. For the third week in a row, the number of infections has increased. Considered changes to the Super Green Pass

For the third consecutive week in Italy, there is an increase of 20%. the number of deaths from COVID-19; the vast majority of the dead are unvaccinated – such data was presented on Sunday by Amerigo Cicchetti from the Catholic University in Rome. He added that the average age of the deceased had dropped to 60.

In the first phase of the coronavirus pandemic, mainly elderly people died, currently – as shown by the data presented – the fight against Covid-19 is being lost by younger and unvaccinated people.

Infections are rising and so are the deaths, so you need to intervene immediately to reverse this trend, says Amerigo Cicchetti, an expert in healthcare management.

Convince the last undecided

Massimiliano Fedriga, the head of the Conference of Regions and the head of the Friuli-Venezia Giulia government, appealed to the government to take immediate action. The number of coronavirus cases has increased rapidly in his region.

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According to Fedriga, the government should develop measures that would not apply to those who were vaccinated if the epidemic situation worsened further. In this way, as he said in a television interview, the “last undecided” should be persuaded to vaccinate.

After at least one dose of the Covid-19 vaccine, 87% of people are affected. inhabitants of Italy over 12 years of age, and two – over 84 percent.

The Super Green Pass is not for everyone

One of the proposals under consideration is the so-called Super Green Pass, a new sanitary pass that would be issued only to vaccinated people from December. Currently, it is also received by people who are cured of coronavirus and those with negative test results.

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On Sunday, the Ministry of Health announced that 46 people died on Covid-19 last day and about 9,700 infections were recorded. The number of tests performed on one day was 487,000. Currently, 148 thousand are registered infected.

The situation in hospitals is stable. There are about 4,300 people in regular covid wards, and 520 patients in intensive care.

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