Italy weekend weather – Strong thunderstorms, storms and hail on the 2022 political elections. Even the snow on the Alps. Here’s how it will go «3B Meteo

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CONFIRMED A PERTURBED WEEKEND FOR DIFFERENT REGIONS, ELECTIONS IN THE RAIN – Three days away the mathematical models continue to confirm an acute phase of bad weather for a part of the Peninsula. The architect of the deterioration a fresh North Atlantic pulse which will form a minimum of low pressure between Spain and France. Attached to the vortex an intense disturbance it will conquer the central-northern regions and perhaps also a part of the South, especially Campania. Once again the front will find on the Mediterranean hot and humid currents of North African origin and therefore the very strong contrasts lead to fear of violent phenomena, with a downpour and possible hailstorms.

Here is a first estimate how it could go for the two days of Saturday and Sunday, even if the timing could vary:

WEATHER SATURDAY: rapid worsening from the morning in the Northwest with showers and thunderstorms, even intense by the afternoon, also worsening in northern Sardinia and Tuscany with locally intense phenomena. Possible hailstorms during thunderstorms. Snow in the Alps at medium altitudes. Between the afternoon and the evening it also worsens on the rest of the North, on Umbria and Marche. Few clouds over the rest of the Center, almost undisputed sun in the South. Temperatures decreasing in the North and Tuscany, increasing elsewhere. Winds in significant reinforcement from the southern quadrants. Mari up to very rough or locally agitated the western and northern basins.

WEATHER SUNDAY: bad weather is concentrated in the central regions, possible strong thunderstorms between Tuscany and Lazio, perhaps even in the upper Campania. Thunderstorms also in Sardinia. Greater variability in the North, along the Adriatic and in the extreme South. Temperatures down also in the Center, still stable in the South, on summer values ​​in Sicily. Winds moderate or strong southerners with very rough or rough seas.

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