Itchy, tasty. This is the story of the success of “Resident Evil” and the story of the console war

The actor also explains that the most famous texts were present in Capcom’s script. “Who is dying to know if I’ve improvised all that stuffy stuff like” Jill sandwich “and the like, I report no. They were all in the script and my job as a voice actor was to read them. There is no democracy during the recording session and if you want to work don’t complain too much. Things were not improved by the available recording equipment, which left a lot to be desired. Gjerde remembers recordings in a cramped studio: – Sometimes we even had to squeeze into a completely unadapted acoustic booth, holding the scripts and deftly giving way to another person at the microphone when it was their turn, and then we squeezed back when ours came.. Many will agree with Gjerde that work is work, and regardless of the actual talent of the voice cast, the combination of low budget deciding on production quality, cultural difference, inexperience, and the fact that similar video game recordings were still rare, the achievement higher quality in the case Resident Evil was impossible in 1995. Perhaps if Capcom had known how things would turn out, nothing would have changed. The work of voice actors turned out to be an indispensable part of identity Resident Evil, as well as the slogan “survival horror” itself, gameplay, pre-rendered graphics, controls and plot straight from science-fiction stories. You can find many fan-made parodies on the web that have manipulated vocal tracks to make them sound either funnier or sexier. In later parts Resident Evil you can find humorous references to dialogues from the original game. In 2002, its remake was released, which underwent a complete visual facelift. Dialogues have also been improved and re-recorded (though still far from perfect). While the remake is considered one of the better installments of the series, the enhanced recordings make it impossible to look at it the way the original, which occupies a unique place in the canon, also thanks to Barry’s classic lines. The remake is praised for being a great game, but not a favorite piece of pop culture. Interestingly, v Resident Evil: Revelations 2 from 2015, for the first time since the original, the protagonist is Barry, who, to the delight of die-hard fans, repeats some old lines.

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