It’s Christmas at the Lewandowski family. “We’re starting today”. For real fans, this is no surprise. Do you remember what they were doing exactly a year ago?

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Anna Lewandowska and her family felt the Christmas spirit early on. The trainer boasted that her house is slowly beginning to be prepared for the holidays.

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Anna Lewandowska is already boasting about the Christmas tree

Anna Lewandowska makes no secret that she has had many professional responsibilities on her mind recently. Despite the trainer’s fatigue, I find time to decorate the house for Christmas. During the Q&A session organized at InstaStories, she was asked about when she was decorating the Christmas tree. To the surprise of many, Lewandowska showed that the tree is already in the living room. This is not the end, as the oldest consolation of athletes has already started to decorate them.

We are starting today – Lewandowska wrote next to the photo of Klara, who was standing by the Christmas tree.

Klara Lewandowska at the Christmas treeKlara Lewandowska at the Christmas tree Photo Instagram / annalewandowskahpba

It looks like the tree is artificial. This is exactly the same that was put up a year ago in the Lewandowski salon. Interestingly, the trainer also praised the decorated tree on November 23. Is it possible to decorate your home so early for Christmas was a Lewandowski tradition? A year ago, the footballer’s wife explained that she loves Christmas, and in times of the COVID-19 epidemic, she gives her even more joy and peace.

A picture with a Christmas tree … In November. Too early? Probably yes, but … does it matter? I love CHRISTMAS because they give me the peace that I miss. It is a time for me full of joy and beautiful moments with my loved ones. We need normality, a return to our habits and traditions, which is why we have already decorated the Christmas tree today – she wrote.

Anna LewandowskaHolidays according to Lewandowska. It is unusual!

That year, Lewa also boasted that she would drink mulled wine by the Christmas tree in the evening. Will it also keep this tradition? She did not cheat.

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