It’s dating! Miley Cyrus and Maxx Morando are seen kissing

It seems that finally Miley Cyrus publicly assumed his relationship with the musician Maxx Living. Since November last year, rumors have surfaced linking the two, but the 29-year-old singer never spoke of the romance. But this week the two were spotted kissing in Los Angeles, confirming their relationship.

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Miley and Maxx, 23, have been inseparable since they started dating last year.

Over the weekend, the two were walking through West Hollywood, in a very affectionate atmosphere, with hugs and kisses in public.

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Morando is the drummer for the band Liily, and was previously part of the group The Regrettes from 2015 to 2018.

Prior to dating Maxx, Miley was married to Liam Hemsworth from 2018 to 2020 and last publicly dated Cody Simpson.

Miley Cyrus and Maxx Kissing
Miley Cyrus and Maxx Morando – Grosby Group


While it seems that the affective life of Miley Cyrus going well, the same is not true for her parents, who are once again separating.

Court records obtained by the New York Post’s Page Six column showed that Tish Cyrus filed the paperwork to separate from Billy Ray Cyrus on April 6, after 29 years of marriage. The duo had previously filed for divorce in 2010 and 2013, but dropped out in both cases.

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“After 30 years, five amazing children and a lifetime of memories, we have decided to go our separate ways – not with sadness, but with love in our hearts. We grew up together, created a family we can be proud of and now it’s time to forge our own paths,” said Tish, 54, and Billy Ray, 60, in a statement broadcast by People magazine.

“We will always be a family and look forward to an ongoing and loving shared experience as friends and parents.”

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In addition to Miley, the ex-couple has children Brandi, 34, Trace, 33, Braison, 27, and Noah, 22.

Billy Ray also has a 30-year-old son Christopher with ex-girlfriend Kristin Luckey.

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