“It’s like having a glass of wine”

Kevin Durant never hid his sympathy for marijuana and came back to defend it on the show My Guest Needs No Introductiongives Netflix, guided by host David Letterman. The NBA star discussed the stigma regarding the use of the plant among athletes in the league and, in addition, revealed that he smokes it regularly.

“For me, marijuana clears the brain a little bit of distractions. Calm you down. It’s like having a glass of wine,” said the Brooklyn Nets star.

Later, Letterman questioned him about his own use, and in response, Durant smiled and was honest: “I’m really stoned right now.”

Durant also stated that he started smoking marijuana at age 22. Even though the drug is still banned by the NBA, he doesn’t make a point of hiding his personal preference. After all, the league hasn’t conducted toxicology tests on players in two seasons. That’s because, since the Disney “bubble” in 2019, policies regarding marijuana have been loosened.

In this way, the NBA follows the trend, especially in the United States, regarding the release of recreational and medicinal use of the plant. Currently, 18 US states allow the use of marijuana. So, there are only six states (Idaho, Wyoming, South Carolina, Nebraska, North Carolina and Kansas) where all forms and extractions of marijuana remain totally illegal.

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In this tune, Durant partnered with Weedmaps, technology company that provides information about marijuana, along with user reviews of places that sell it. However, shirt 7 goes further by stating that his desire is to “change the narrative around athletes and marijuana”.

Thus, the medical use of marijuana has become a major point of discussion among athletes of various modalities. Many of them, therefore, see it as a safer, non-addictive alternative to prescription pain relievers.

Finally, Durant’s full interview with Letterman will be available on the streaming platform. streaming from this Friday (20). The series will run for a six-episode season, which also includes conversations with Cardi B, Billie Eilish, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Ryan Reynolds and Will Smith.

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