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The science communicator and the support of his wife to whom he never said “I love you”

“My wife helped me a lot. That’s more than half of my success. She gave up her career and was patient with my absences. She followed me in all my wanderings. You have raised two magnificent children. ‘ Piero Angela, who passed away today at the age of 93, talked about Margherita Pastore, his wife, telling the weekly «Oggi», a cross-section of his private and family life. Margherita gave up her career as a dancer for love. She left the dance to follow her husband to Paris, where the family moved when he started being a journalist. But Piero Angela himself told the weekly that he never told her “I love you”.

«I am Piedmontese – he added – even if I have been honed for years abroad and in Rome. In our dialect there is no verb “to love”: we use the more demure vorej bin, to love. And the word kiss doesn’t even exist: let’s say basin. If it is true, if this “saves” me, I have told her many times: T’veuj bin, I love you ».

The sense of guilt

Piero Angela, however, did not forgive the choice of Margherita. “I still have a sense of guilt for having interrupted her career, she was a young promise. But she always told me she was happy ». The couple had two children: Alberto (born in Paris in 1962), who followed in his father’s footsteps, becoming a science journalist, and Christine who was four years older than Alberto.

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