Jack O’Connell: 10 things you don’t know about the actor


The youth of Jack O’Connell it was marked by excesses and violence, resulting from a deep pain. Luckily for him, he became more and more passionate and approached the world of acting, which literally allowed him to save himself. Thanks to some top-notch performances, O’Connell is now a highly respected actor, with a solid career behind him and an energy that comes back with each new interpretation of him.

Here are 10 things you didn’t know about Jack O’Connell.

Jack O’Connell: His Movies and TV Series

1. He took part in well-known films. O’Connell made his film debut in 2006 with the film This Is Englandto then act in Eden Lake (2008) e The Liability (2012). She gets a first popularity in 2013 with the film The Rebel – Starred Upwhere it reads next to Ben Mendelsohn. It is then further stated thanks to 300 – Rise of an Empire (2014), with Eve Green, and with Unbroken (2014), directed by Angelina Jolie. Subsequently she acts in films like ’71 (2014), Money Monster – The other side of money (2016), with George Clooney, The tulip girl (2017) e The man with the iron heart (2017). She then starred in Trial by Fire (2018), Seberg – In the sights (2019), with Kristen Stewart and in Little Fish (2020). In 2022 she stars in Lady Chatterley’s lover.

2. He has also starred in well-known TV series. In addition to cinema, O’Connell has also acted in several television series, such as Doctors (2005), Metropolitan Police (2005), Waterloo Road (2007) and Wire in the Blood (2007). She then gets great popularity by acting in Skins (2009-2010). He later stars in TV movies Divas (2010) and United (2011), to then have a prominent role in The Runaway (2011) e Godless (2017). In 2021 she instead stars in The North Waterwhile in 2022 he is in the miniseries SAS Rogue Heroes.

Jack O’Connell in Skins

3. He starred in the famous series. O’Connell first found fame playing troubled, hard-living boy James Cook in the third and fourth seasons of the teen drama Skins (2009-10). The character was immediately very popular and allowed O’Connell to also win a TV Choice Award for Best Actor. Speaking of Cook, O’Connell said that he is the closest character to what he too was in his youth, with the difference that he then managed to mature and save himself.


Jack O’Connell in 300 – Rise of an Empire

4. He made a name for himself with this film. A first big opportunity to get noticed came for O’Connell thanks to the film 300 – Rise of an Empiresequel/spin-off of 300, focused on the war between the Greeks and the Persians. In the film the actor plays a supporting role, that of the Athenian warrior Calisto, but that was enough for him to be noticed and gain greater popularity. After his first blockbuster, in fact, O’Connell has gained increasing popularity.

Jack O’Connell in Unbroken

5. He has been preparing for the role for a long time. In 2014 the actor gets his first leading role, that of the sportsman and war veteran Louis Zamperini in the film Unbroken. To prepare for the role, he underwent a rigorous diet necessary to lose nearly 30 kilos, and worked with a dialect coach to mask his thick Derbyshire accent. To look even more Italian, given Zamperini’s origins, O’Connell decided to dye his hair black. His performance has since been widely praised.

6. He passed out twice on set. Precisely because of the very strict diet he had to follow, which would have allowed him to lose weight to the point of being a credible prisoner in military camps in Japan, O’Connell passed out twice on the set. This happened while filming the scene where he lifts the timber. However, the actor was not discouraged and claimed to be able to interpret the scene himself, without resorting to other means, finally succeeding in the enterprise.


Jack O’Connell in Ferrari

7. He will play a well-known Formula 1 driver. One of the most anticipated movies of 2023 is Ferrarithe biopic directed by Michael Mann and starring Adam Driver in the role of the well-known Enzo Ferrari. In the film that will trace the life of the entrepreneur and sports manager, O’Connell will play the role of the Formula 1 driver Peter Collinswinner of 3 Grands Prix and prematurely died in 1958 at the age of 26 due to an accident during the German Grand Prix.

Jack O’Connell: who is his girlfriend

8. His status is unknown. Currently it is not known whether the actor is engaged or not in a sentimental relationship. As known, he was briefly engaged to the actress Kaya Scodelario during 2009, a period in which both shared the set of the series Skins. Subsequently he had a short relationship in the spring of 2012 with the singer Tulisa. Since then, however, the actor has become much more reserved, avoiding the spread of news related to his love life.

Jack O’Connell is not on Instagram

9. Doesn’t have an account. Looking for the actor on Instagram it will be possible to notice how he does not have any account. In fact, O’Connell confirmed that he does not have official profiles on the well-known social network, preferring not to share his activities on it for now. If you come across a profile with the same name as the actor and with a blue check, it is good to know that it is simply a namesake. However, for O’Connell fans it is possible to follow some fan pages that are very active in sharing news related solely to his professional life.

Jack O’Connell: age and height of the actor

10. Jack O’Connell was born in Derby, England on August 1, 1990. The actor is 1.71 meters tall overall.

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