Jakub and Dawid went to the restaurant after 2 years and ordered the same set. How much have prices increased?

Famous bloggers Jakub and Dawid went to the restaurant where they last visited two years ago. Their aim was to check the price increase. The dinner bill was shocking. – It turns out that today, for the same money as in the past, we could afford a little more than half of the pork chops – they write.

Jakub Kwieciński and Dawid Mycek are a couple who got married in Portuguese Madeira. They became known to a wider audience thanks to the publication of music videos for famous songs. Currently, they focus on blogging, social media accounts and acting on behalf of LGBT people.

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They compared the prices from two years ago

Recently, on their Facebook profile, Jakub and Dawid raised a topic that has been on the lips of Poles for weeks. I am talking about inflation, of course. They found a bill from a restaurant two years ago and decided to do a little experiment that can be safely called a “horror receipt”.

We decided to go to the same restaurant for the same dinner only two years later. We were curious how the prices changed. We ordered exactly the same as before: broth, tomato soup and two pork chops. We used to pay PLN 69 for such a dinner, and today? We knew it had to be more expensive, because we still hear about the price increase, but when we got the bill, our jaws dropped

It turned out now they paid 97 zlotys for the same dinnerwhich – as they calculated – means a price increase of nearly 40 percent. – It turns out that today, for the same money as we used to, we could afford a little more than half of the pork chop – they stated.

Poles on price increases

At the end of the post, bloggers turned to their fans.

Government politicians say that it is important to remember that with rising prices, after all, our salaries are rising … We are the ones to ask the question: Who has the salary increased by 40% in the last two years?

Many Internet users shared their opinion in the comments. “There is practically no increase in wages. The prices are going crazy and I stopped going to restaurants …”, “The prices went up massively. When will this end?”, “It’s hard to believe that you can pay so much for a pork chop in a restaurant in Poland“,” I run gastronomy with my family and commodity prices are going up all the timesoon we will have to raise prices again to maintain quality, “we read.

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