Jakub Przygoński and Kamil Wiśniewski close to the podium. Poles have reasons to be pleased

The halfway point of the Dakar Rally is behind us. Saturday is a day of rest at the party. Currently, Jakub Przygoński and Kamil Wiśniewski have reasons to be pleased, as they are fighting for the podium in the classification of cars and quads.

Łukasz Kuczera

Łukasz Kuczera

Jakub Przygoński

Press materials / Red Bull / In the photo: Jakub Przygoński

The Dakar Rally began with a short prologue on January 1, 2022. A week after that, the participants of the world’s most difficult field event have a day of rest. Jakub Przygoński, who is sixth overall in Dakar and is still in the game for the coveted podium, will spend it in a good mood.

On Friday, the Orlen Team driver recorded the 16th time, but his losses to the leaders were small. – It was very difficult to navigate in one place. Fortunately, together with Timo, unlike the four cars in front of us, we immediately found the right path. At the beginning, we gained some time, then we opened the route – said Przygoński.

The Pole once again found out that the design of the rear-wheel drive buggy has some drawbacks compared to 4×4 vehicles. – Unfortunately our car lost some power. At the end of the stage, we rode together Nasser Al-Attiyah and Sebastien Loeb over the dunes. It was a real motocross to the finish line. The episode is a successful one – described the course of the sixth stage by Przygoński.

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The second Orlen Team crew did well on Friday. Martin Prokop and Viktor Chytka took the high eighth place and moved up to the same position in the general classification. – The sixth stage did not stand out in any particular way, but the fight in its end was really fierce and we could enjoy it. Finally, we consider it successful and I believe that we will also be ranked high in the next sections. We are definitely satisfied at the halfway point of Dakar – emphasized Prokop.

Among motorcyclists, Maciej Giemza finished the shortened stage in 18th position. – The section was shortened after the 100th kilometer of refueling. I am very happy about it. I was one of the people who made the organizers aware that the route was dangerous after yesterday’s passing of cars and trucks. We can rest mentally a bit, and driving 400 kilometers in such holes would certainly not end well for many riders – said the Orlen Team motorcyclist.

– I would describe the first week of racing as bittersweet. Two stages went average, while the others were fine. The first stage, where I lost the most of my time, hurt a little bit of blood, but now there’s nothing I can do about it. We were looking for a waypoint together with four different Dakar winners, so it’s fair to say that I wasn’t the only one who had problems. Everything was fine on other episodes and I am convinced that next week it will be similar or even better – added Giemza.

The sixth stage did not go well with the organizers, also in the quad competition. Shortly after take-off, the section was interrupted because the route was not roadworthy. Kamil Wiśniewski finished the stage in the sixth position, and in the general classification he came closer to the podium, moving to the fourth place. – The episode was interrupted. Shortly after the start, we received information that there was an accident on the route – said Wiśniewski.

– The roadbook had nothing to do with the route. Everywhere there were ruts and holes carved by cars and trucks. It was very dangerous, so it’s good that this one was shortened
episode – added the Polish quad driver.

– I had a good ride all week, except on the fourth day when I had electric problems on the quad and had two flat tires. It was then that I lost the most time. On Friday, from the very beginning, as soon as I noticed that the roadbook did not match the route, I drove very carefully so as not to hit a rock and damage the quad. At the beginning of the rally, for the first 2-3 days I was in the lead, so I am satisfied – summed up Wiśniewski.

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