James Bond is back with New trailer for “No Time To Die”

The next “Bond” movie will be the last one with Daniel Craig. But who or what will be the end of 007? The new trailer for “No Time to Die” offers several options.

It’s about dying. Not immediately, the movie is not for nothing called “No Time to Die”. But in four and a half months, it will be over with Daniel Craig as James Bond aka 007: On April 2, 2020, his latest and at the same time last mission in the service of her majesty will come to the German cinemas. As it comes to end with its 007 incarnation, now indicates the trailer, which was released on Wednesday afternoon.

It was already known that James Bond (Daniel Craig) had given his license to kill after the events of “Specter”. At the beginning of “No Time to Die” he now wants to enjoy his retirement in Jamaica. But Felix Leiter (Jeffrey Wright), an old CIA colleague, appears and asks Bond for help: a significant scientist has been abducted and must be found as soon as possible.

What begins as a rescue mission, however, becomes a stress test for Bond, which seems to push him to the limits of his mental and physical powers. Because not only does Bond have to arrange that a young woman (Lashana Lynch as Nomi) has become his successor to MI6, who does not intend to vacate her post without complaint: “Do not get in my way,” threatens Nomi Bond. “If you do, I’ll chase you a bullet – healthy,” she adds.

Bond also faces Madeleine Swann (Léa Seydoux) – his former lover, who has now grown into his nemesis. “Why should I betray you?” Asks Swann Bond in the trailer during a chase. “We all have our secrets,” he replies. “Only we do not know yours yet.”

“If her secret comes to light, this will be your death”, also oracles Blofeld, the villain embodied by Christoph Waltz , who after “Specter” again has an appearance here. And as if that was not enough for enemies and enemies, “No Time to Die” has yet another villain to offer: “Bohemian Rhapsody” star Rami Malek plays Safin, a villain who is not only in possession of a mighty weapon, but also still seems to have artificial intelligence . “Your skills die with your body,” Safin tells Bond. “My life long after my death.”

In addition, Safins is seen by acid or similar scarred face that partially covers a white mask. Even as Swann is mentioned, is in the picture a box of white mask to see – indicates here a conspiracy that reaches deep into the MI6?

What the trailer accumulates, appears at this time as a mass of stories that the film has to tell in parallel and each end. Not least claim for a project that has been plagued by many setbacks – first the loss of Danny Boyle as a director, then the postponement of the theatrical release by nearly a year to revise the script, finally, the injury of Daniel Craig on set.

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