Jão points out similarities between his fans and those of Harry Styles and Taylor Swift

john was the guest of this Tuesday (21) of the podcast podpahled by the duo Igão and Mythical. The three talked about the singer’s fans and what makes someone identify with an artist. the voice of “Idiot” addressed the importance of narrative in this relationship between the idol and the audience.

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I’ve always written in a narrative way and I tell, more or less, my life on records. Obviously I leave it in a much nicer way, because if you’re going to talk about your life as it is…boring. It is obvious that there is a creation of the universe (…) I think narrative is a very powerful thing”.

Answering about your main inspirations, john revealed that Taylor Swift is one of his writing references. “I realize that there is a very close congruence between my fans and her fans, the Harry Styles, from a crowd out there too. They are very similar fans, they like the same things”, pointed out the singer.

Music industry in Brazil vs Gringa

Soon after the comparison, Jão reflected on the Brazilian music market and compared it with the phenomena that take place in the United States and Europe:

“The market in Brazil is strange. If you look out there, the music market itself, it’s very dominated by what the younger crowd does. So, who is filling the stadium, making the parade, are people who sing for this audience – Taylor Swift, Harry Styles, Ariana Grande, Billie Eilish – and, in Brazil, it is one of the few places where the content is more adult. The humor is more adult, the music is more adult…”

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