Jason Derulo, angry at Instagram for removing the famous photo from his “package”

If a few weeks ago Jason Derulo caused the average Instagram temperature to rise a couple of degrees with a photo in underwear that left little to the imagination, now the singer has shown his anger with the application to eliminate the much-commented image.

“What do you mean? I wear underwear … I can’t help my size.” With these words and a screenshot of the restriction of Instagram, Jason Derulo shared with his followers his anger after the elimination of one of his most commented photos.


A few days ago the followers of the singer were patidifuse to see, on the screen of their phones, a Derulo walking on the waters of one of those ‘infinity pools’ that are so fashionable. Wearing only a black boxer that left little to the imagination, Derulo conquered the camera with a penetrating and seductive look. Undoubtedly, ‘the package’ of Derulo captured thousands of looks, comments on networks and headlines in magazines and media. So much sensation caused the same singer to share the users’ memes!

Thus, Derulo does not understand why his photo violates the community Instagram rules. From the application they assured that it had been eliminated by “naked content or sexual activity”, but in reality, it is not anything explicit.

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