Jeff Bezos donated $ 100 million. for the Barack Obama Foundation. And $ 160 million. to the hospital

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Jeff Bezos made two very large donations. According to the New York Times, the first one, worth 100 million dollars, went to the account of the Obama Foundation. The second is a $ 166 million grant to the University of New York’s Langone Health medical center.

Jeff Bezos has donated hundreds of millions of dollars to foundations. What will they be spent on?

The Obama Foundation Grant is the largest single contribution in the history of the organization. The money is to be used, inter alia, by to develop existing leadership programs, “The Independent” determined. Currently, the foundation runs “Obama Leaders” programs in Africa, Europe and Asia Pacific.

Part of the deal under which the donation was made is also naming the square in front of the President’s Obama Library in Chicago’s South Side. The square is to be named after John Lewis, a Georgia congressman and a human rights defender who died in 2020.

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The subsidy for the medical center is to be used to transform the health system of the local community. So that it would better meet their needs. However, the details of the plan were not disclosed.

USA. Jeff Bezos to pay more taxes?

Although it seems to be an exceptionally generous donation, more and more billionaires are accused of enhancing their image in this way, and not of a real willingness to help. The amounts they allocate to charity are only a fraction of what they could pay taxes.

Joe Biden’s administration prepared a bill for billionaires. Profits would fund US public services and social programs. According to the proposal, the new tax would apply to people who have more than $ 1 billion in liquid assets or who have achieved income in excess of $ 100 million in the last three years.

The changes provide for the introduction of 23.8 percent. tax on unrealized capital gains. If the tax went into effect, Jeff Bezos would have to pay $ 44 billion in the first five years.

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