Jeff Bridges on illness: “I’m back after a year and a half bizarre dream”

Jeff Bridges he held court with the cast and crew of The Old Man, the series that represents the star’s real debut on TV. The actor said he felt fit after taking some time from production due to being diagnosed with lymphoma. The series was supposed to come out last year and has been postponed to 2022.

“I went through a year and a half of this bizarre dream and then I came back. It was great to be back with the gang.” joked Bridges. Her co-star Amy Brenneman said she was fascinated by the sincerity of her colleague in recounting her ordeal. Jeff Bridges has now publicly announced the disease over a year ago.

When the actress asked him some questions about the disease, Bridges’ answer was always positive:“It was weird but interesting. It was great!”.
“He was always available” Brenneman told the press. John Lithgow, co-star on the series, also said:“My dear older brother, David, was diagnosed with something very similar to what Jeff was suffering from, and as soon as I told him about my brother he immediately got in touch with him, sent him info without ever knowing him. Jeff he’s the person with the biggest heart. It’s not like working with an actor at all, it’s like working with a friend. “. After the diagnosis, several stars had sent messages of closeness to Jeff Bridges.

Jeff Bridges is the star of The Old Man, taken fromThomas Perry’s best-seller of the same name, which tells the story of Dan Chase (Bridges), a former CIA agent hunted by a killer. Also in the cast are Alia Shawkat, Bill Heck, Seem Lubany and EJ Bonilla.

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