Jennifer Aniston after leaving the barbershop. Photos after metamorphosis

Jennifer Aniston has undergone a metamorphosis. She went to the hairdresser and refreshed her hair color. What does it look like? We have photos of paparazzi.

Jennifer Aniston is a favorite of the color press. Foreign tabloids even outdo each other in serving interesting facts about her private life. While her professional achievements are as interesting as her alleged romances, nothing warms tabloid readers more than new reports of her alleged relationship with Brad Pitt.

The latest news is that Aniston is not only seeing her ex-husband secretly, but is also very jealous of him. Especially Fr. Sandra Bullockwho recently joined the cast of Brad’s new movie:

Jen is really stunned that Sandra joined Brad’s movie, says whistleblower New Idea. – Sandra and Brad only know each other because Jen introduced them at the parties she has thrown at her house in recent years.

Despite the fact that the rumors are gaining momentum, the interested party herself has no intention of commenting on them, thus giving the tabloids open space for speculation. Instead, Jennifer focuses on work. He is currently shooting the second season of his hit series Morning Show.

Jennifer Aniston went to the hairdresser. What does it look like?

Jennifer Aniston from the moment she played Rachel Green in the legendary sitcom Friends, is an icon for many people when it comes to hairstyles. The star makes sure that she always looks perfect and visits the hairdresser from time to time. Like Monday afternoon when she went to the Beverly Hills salon. She probably paid a visit to her friend Chris McMillan. It was he who created the famous hairstyle “The Rachel”, which caused a frenzy among followers in the 90s.

The actress, when she was already metamorphosis, stood face to face with photojournalists. While you get the impression that it has only slightly refreshed your hair color, there is a wow effect.

Aniston paired the new hairstyle with casual stylization. She left the living room in tight-fitting jeans and a dark, patterned sweater. She also wore white sneakers, and on her left shoulder she wore a large black bag with which she would walk down the stairs.

You can find photos in the gallery.

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