Jennifer Aniston celebrates Justin Theroux’s 50th birthday

Jennifer Aniston celebrated her ex-husband’s 50th birthday. She prepared a very original gift for him, which she showed on social media. What did Justin Theroux get from her?

Jennifer Aniston she stood on the wedding carpet twice. For the first time in 2000, she legalized her relationship with Brad Pitt. Although the spouses appeared to be a harmonious couple, their relationship broke up in 2005. Then she stood in the way of the actor Angelina Joliewith which he later became involved.

Aniston took her second wedding ten years later. Her chosen one was Justin Theroux. This marriage also did not stand the test of time. The former lovers broke up two years after their wedding. They issued a statement in which they emphasized that their feeling had burned out. However, a friendship remained, which is very strong.

Despite the passage of time, the former partners still support each other and are in constant contact. The actor often visited his ex-wife during the famous house parties that took place before the pandemic. In an interview with Esquire spoke about his relationship with Jennifer Aniston. He said he appreciates the fact that the star is his friend:

We cannot be together, but we can still bring each other joy and be friends. Besides, it makes me laugh very, very much. He is a hilarious person. It would be a great loss for me not to be in touch. And I wish she would think the same.

Jennifer Aniston celebrates Justin Theroux’s 50th birthday

Justin Theroux celebrated his 50th birthday on Tuesday. On this occasion, Jennifer Aniston prepared a very original gift for him. On Instastory, she shared previously unpublished photos of her ex-husband. The first shows the actor looking at the camera. He is wearing an elegant suit. This time, however, it is the background that attracts attention. Right behind him there is a dog posing with his back to the lens.

The actress also published another photo. Justin is shirtless. His perfectly sculpted body stands out. Jennifer Aniston was tempted to make a short comment in which she admitted that her ex-husband was one of a kind:

Truly one of a kind, I LOVE YOU! – commented the star.

In this way, Jennifer Aniston proved that despite the passage of time, she and Justina still have a friendly relationship.

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