Jennifer Aniston founded TikToka? Not! An almost identical double impresses fans with a video in which he imitates Rachel from “Friends”

The fact that each of us has a double somewhere could find out recently Jennifer Aniston. Fans of the actress were convinced that the star founded TikTok, and meanwhile, it is the almost identical double that delights fans with a video in which he imitates Rachel from “Friends”. We were also fooled!

Jennifer Aniston has a lookalike?

TikTok user Lisa Tranel, @she_plusthree, is stunningly similar to actress Jennifer Aniston. Lisa decided to take advantage of this by making a short video in which she mimics Aniston’s Rachel Green from “Friends”. At the same time, in his TikToku description, Tranel points out that “he is not Jennifer Aniston”. Currently, her account is followed by 200 thousand. users.

I want to quit my job, but then I think I should stay and hang on, ”says Tranel, lip-syncing a scene from the 1997 episode“ The One Where Chandler Can’t Remember Which Sister ”. “Then I think, why would a person like me stay in such a degrading job just because it is a little bit related to the field in which she is interested?

Since the video was posted on Wednesday, the post has gained over 590,000. likes and 12k comments. Additionally, the post has been viewed by 4.6 million users. Many people did not hide their surprise at such a blatant resemblance.

– I really thought it was Jennifer Aniston !! Wow! ” – one user writes. “You are so lucky to have received these genes and look like such a beautiful person!” Another adds, “Someone tag Jennifer Aniston to record something together.


You know what I mean?

♬ original sound – Friends

Of course, this isn’t the first time we’ve seen a celebrity double on TikTok. Previously, these were people who imitated, among others: Rihanna, Jim and Pam from the series “The Office”, or Ariana Grande.

@ priscila.beatriceoficial

I’m friends with the monster that’s under my bed … #rihanna #forum #pravoce #lookalike #foryoupage #fyp #fy #foryou #pravocepage #tiktokbrasil

♬ original sound – Damon

@ the.eric.schultz

#duo with @ livvy.lady are you free for a zoom date tonight? #fyp #foryoupage #theoffice #jim #pam #ComingOfAge #HeinzHalloween #ComingOfAge

♬ original sound – Scene Remakes


i admit it’s exciting ☺️

♬ motive x promiscuous – elfixsounds

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