Jennifer Aniston has bad memories of one of the guest stars

The craze for “Friends” returned thanks to a special episode. The cast and creators are eager to remember the work on the set – but as Jennifer Aniston says, it wasn’t always nice and fun.

“Friends” hosted many stars on the set – viewers will certainly remember the role of Brad Pitt, Reese Witherspoon or Julia Roberts. While the show was (and still is) adored, some weren’t happy to be in production. Show star Jennifer Aniston mentioned an extremely unpleasant guy.

Friends: Jennifer Aniston has bad memories of one of the actors

As reported by the portal Radio Times, TV series Rachel spoke on Howard Stern’s radio show about working on the set of “Friends.” Aniston mentioned a situation where one of the special guests was behaving inappropriately.

– I remember when we were reviewing the material, the station and producers were just laughing. And this person looked like she was thinking, “Just listen to them laughing at their own jokes. It’s stupid, it’s not even funny.” You felt like saying, “Hey, what are you doing here? Your attitude – that’s not what we mean. It’s a lovely, warm place, and you come to our house and just shit there,” said the actress.

friends of jennifer aniston special guest

“Friends” (Photo NBC)

Although the star did not reveal the identity of this person, fans quickly linked Aniston’s statement to the words of Fisher Stevens. The actor played Phoebe’s (Lisa Kudrow) object of affection in season 1. Portal Entertainment Weekly reported that in an interview with PeopleTV, he apologized to the “Friends” crew for acting “like d * pek”. As he explained, this was the first time he played a sitcom and felt offended that his lines were changed when he got on set.

– Because that’s what they did in sitcoms. And I didn’t know that. I was a d * pk, I have to admit. “What does this mean? So I have to re-learn the text because you changed it so it’s worse than the original?” Yes, I was a d * pk. I rarely see someone from “Friends”, but I’m sure if you ask them about me, they’ll say, “Such a New York snob.” Sorry to all of you. Sorry to be such a shit to everyone. Excuse me. I did the wrong thing, it was wrong, Stevens said.

Some of the guest stars also appeared in the “Friends” special. We could see, among others Reese Witherspoon, who played Rachel’s sister on the show. Also connected online was James Michael Tyler, who recently confessed that he is battling prostate cancer.

Friends: The meeting after years is on HBO GO

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