Jennifer Aniston has her own cosmetics brand – LolaVie

There are many indications that a new cosmetic brand, LolaVie, created by Jennifer Aniston, will soon debut on the market. What products will be in its offer? Detailed information is provided below.

More and more stars create their own beauty brands. They already have their products, among others Rihanna, Jessica Alba, Lady Gaga, and recently Selena Gomez. Probably another artist will join this group soon – Jennifer Aniston. We check what is already known about LolaVie, the new beauty brand.

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Cosmetic brand Jennifer Aniston – LolaVie

The beauty brand Jennifer Aniston started to get loud in early September. All because of the mysterious photo of the actress published on her profile in social media. We see the artist in a photo studio. “Something’s coming” – reads the description of the post.

In the photo of Jennifer Aniston on Instagram, the profile “LolaVie” is marked. We will find three photographs on it – a vase with bamboo placed on books, a black and white packaging with the brand name and an actress with her arms on her head. All these photos are linked by the description – “09/08/2021”, which probably indicates the date of the cosmetics’ premiere.

Jennifer Aniston has her own brand of cosmetics. What do we know about LolaVie?

Although little is known about LolaVie, the cosmetics brand of Jennifer Aniston, the first reports are already appearing. According to the British magazine “Elle”, according to documents obtained by “Page Six”, in July 2019 an application was submitted for LolaVie trademark registration for face and body lotion, shower gel, hair care products and candles.

It is also worth mentioning that the LolaVie logo is not new. In 2010, the perfume signed by Jennifer Aniston, which had the same name, had its premiere.

We will know more details about the new cosmetic brand on Thursday! Are you waiting for the products of the series Rachel?

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