Jennifer Aniston in sensual styling on the cover of the magazine. In an interview, she referred to the situation of Britney Spears

27 years have passed since the debut of the young Jennifer Aniston in the cult series “Friends”. On this occasion, a sensual photo session of the actress appeared in the magazine “InStyle”, and the interested person also appeared on the cover of the latest issue. The photo has already been displayed on her Instagram profile. But it doesn’t stop there. The magazine also published an extensive interview with Jennifer Aniston, in which the actress recalled the beginning of her career.

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Jennifer Aniston in an interview referred to the situation of Britney Spears

When Jennifer Aniston started her career, Justin Timberlake was slowly entering the scene, and Britney Spears was one of the most sought-after stars of the young generation. In an interview with “InStyle”, the actress did not hide that building her professional position in childhood had a very negative impact on some people in the industry. Jennifer gave an example of Britney Spears, who grew up in the spotlight, which she later paid for with her mental health. She herself started her career a little later, for which she is grateful to her mother.

They fed on young, sensitive girls. Half of these kids started at the Mickey Mouse Club. I was lucky to be raised by a very strict mother. The priority was not to become famous. It was like this: Study your craft, learn what you do, not just go there and get lucky … I think a group of girls like Britney Spears as teenagers didn’t ask themselves the “who am I?” Question. Were defined by this external source. The media took advantage of this, capitalized on them, which ultimately cost them mental health. It’s so painful, Jennifer Aniston told InStyle.

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The actress did not hide the fact that she also experienced considerable unpleasantness when she became famous. Jennifer Aniston struggled with the jealousy of her friends at school.

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