Jennifer Aniston on filming the return of Friends: It was surprisingly difficult

Meetings after years can be difficult. It seems that this was the process of recording the special episode of “Friends”, which debuted a few months ago on HBO GO and HBO Max.

Didn’t Jennifer Aniston have a lot of fun filming the special episode of Friends?

Due to the pandemic, contract problems and other incidents, a special episode is planned “Friends” was delayed for almost a year. However, in May 2021, he finally made his debut on the HBO GO and HBO Max platforms, winning huge viewership. A few months after this event Jennifer Aniston she told about the whole process claiming it wasn’t quite as enjoyable as we might have expected.

"Friends: Meeting after years" in Poland on HBO GO!  We know the release date

The actress recently appeared on the program Literally! With Rob Lowe, where she explained that initially the lead actors did not want to participate in this project at all. The producer-director convinced them to do so Ben Winston, but it wasn’t easy either:

We liked his idea, because it did not sound like something that would flatten or somehow negatively affect the legacy of this series, which in my opinion ended in the perfect place and moment.

However, it later turned out that everything was there a more difficult matter, than they initially thought:

In my opinion, it was much more difficult than we expected. You know, we initially had something like, “Oh, this will be a return to the past.” It turns out, however, that it is not that easy. We go back to the past and everything is identical – this set was literally identical. They even recreated holes in wardrobes and stuff like that. It had all been unused for so many years. And suddenly you’re there again. And for 16 years, everything has changed for each of us.

Friends 2020

The actress revealed that everyone started crying and that not entirely out of luck:

It was a bit nostalgic, a bit melancholic … You know, a lot has changed. Each of us has taken a different path. For some it was easier, for others it was more difficult, but overall it was brutal and we couldn’t shake that feeling. There were cameras everywhere and we couldn’t stop crying. There was a moment when we all cried. Maybe David wasn’t crying, we didn’t break him. But even LeBlanc cried. Such a tough guy, and he was still broken.

Therefore, let us not expect any other return “Friends” in any form.

Pictures for a special episode have been completed "Friends".  When is the premiere?

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