Jennifer Aniston showed the kitchen. The interior is impressive. A huge stove and an unusual color of the cabinets

Since setting up an Instagram account, Jennifer Aniston has been sharing the effects of photo sessions and work photos with fans. He informs about his new projects and series in which he plays. You can rarely find shots of her own home, but this time she made an exception. Earlier it made itself known and revealed that she likes to cook. Now she made a video straight from her kitchen. He prepares his favorite cocktail on it, but we look at the interior.

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Jennifer Aniston showed the kitchen. The interiors are dominated by two colors

In the US, everything has to be bigger and bigger, and so is the house of Jennifer Aniston. Living in the elite district of Bel Air, the star has a large kitchen in his property. It’s hard to believe that it’s all for one person, but the interior is impressive. The extensive kitchen furniture consists of hanging cabinets reaching the ceiling. Both the upper and lower ones are mustard yellow, slightly reminiscent of gold. The countertops as well as the walls are black. In the kitchen of the star of “Friends” there are many appliances – a coffee machine, a toaster, a scale or a toaster. However, it is the cooker that attracts attention due to its substantial size. The actress has several large burners at her disposal, and an oven underneath that would accommodate dishes for festive parties. Jennifer Aniston makes no secret that she enjoys spending time in the kitchen. You can see that this one is still in use. It was not specially styled for recording. In the background you can see a small mess and many things scattered on the countertops.

Jennifer Aniston showed the kitchenJennifer Aniston showed the kitchen photo:

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What is Jennifer Aniston’s recipe for a smoothie?

  • 1 cup of chocolate almond milk
  • 2 scoops of Chocolate Protein with Collagen Peptides
  • cherries and bananas
  • a few drops of stevia
  • antioxidants
  • 1 cup of ice ??

How do you like the actress’s kitchen? You can find more photos in the gallery.

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