Jennifer Aniston’s plea for Christmas: «Adopt responsibly»

Photo: Instagram @jenniferaniston
in the picture: Photo: Instagram @jenniferaniston

Jennifer Aniston joins the list of celebrities who, ahead of Christmas, launch appeals to raise awareness of the importance of adopting a dog consciously. From her Instagram profile, the 52-year-old actress, iconic Rachel from the cult series “Friends”, shared a photo and an appeal relaunched in the stories in which she invites fans and followers to reflect on the risk represented by think of a dog only as a giftand not as a living being with whom to build a relationship based on mutual affection and respect, to be developed and cultivated over the years.

The shot portrays a puppy just arrived in a house, at Christmasand the same dog a year later behind the grate of a kennel box: “Now that the holidays are approaching, remember: a puppy is not just a gift, it is a commitment that must last his entire life – reads the comment accompanying the photo – If you cannot make this commitment, please do not make one. They don’t deserve to end up homeless or abandoned.”

An important message repeatedly reiterated by Kodami also through specific awareness campaigns, which Aniston wanted to share with over 41 million followers.

On the other hand, the actress has never hidden her love for animals, and she has done it spokesperson for the importance of adopting themacting in first person. Today, in fact, he shares his luxurious Bel Air villa with three dogs, all adopted through associations.

The latest addition to the family is Lord Chesterfielda Labrador-like adopted in October 2020 through the Wagmore Pet Dog Rescue in Los Angeles, and besides him there are Clydea Schnauzer mix, e Sophie, a black and white Pit Bull. A family that Aniston has always said she loves very much: «They are true friends – she told Dog Mothly magazine – I have fantastic human friends, of course, but my dog ​​friends are very special. Ok, they don’t text me or buy me flowers, but they do much more than that. They hug me if I need to, always say hello when I get home and never complain about a thing. I wish I was like that too.”

This year Kodami wanted to dedicate the Christmas period to the #regalaAuncane campaign, created to raise pet mate awareness of how important it is to give attention and small contributions not only to your pets, but also to less fortunate dogs, those who are still looking for of a home that can welcome them. A visit to the kennel, blankets and pellets, nuggets, time to spend together, respect and honesty. There are many concrete actions we can take: at Christmas…give a dog!

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