Jennifer Garner comments on the relationship between J. Lo and Ben Affleck. “I’m afraid for my and Ben’s children”

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck’s romance is booming. The artist, after parting ways with Aleks Rodriguez, is more and more often seen with her ex-fiancé. The pair, which used to be at the peak of popularity, returns to the language of commenting on show-business salons after more than 18 years. However, not everyone shares the enthusiasm of the fans – Affleck’s ex-wife, Jennifer Garner, is said to be “skeptical” about her children’s father’s new relationship.

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Jennifer Garner is “skeptical” about J. Lo and Ben Affleck’s relationship

According to the informant of the tabloid “The Mirror”, Garner is primarily worried about the couple’s children. However, her fears are to be unfair – Lopez does not want to enter between the parental arrangements of the former marriage:

Jennifer Garner is very skeptical of Bennifer 2.0 and fears that the children will be at risk of their father’s romantic dysfunctions. J.Lo does not want to go into parental arrangements and will be humble about her rules and limitations when it comes to seeing children.

The tabloid also says that a meeting between Lopez and Garnier is to take place soon, in which Affleck is also expected to attend. Ben has to do everything to ensure that his relationship with J.Lo lasts as long as possible.

The two Jennifer are about to sit down at the same table, possibly with Ben in the room, which will cool things down. It will be a strange meeting, but at least they all act like adults. It’s already apparent to everyone, including Jennifer, that Ben is thrilled with her relationship with J.Lo and will do whatever it takes to ensure they stay together for the long term.

The people around Ben, who know the stories of his fleeting romances, are of a different opinion. Many of them feel that the relationship will not stand the test of time.

She was surprised at first by this romance, as Ben always complained about Bennifer’s first experience. Many around him are convinced he will tire soon.

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