Jennifer Lawrence: after the Oscar she lost control

Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence confessed what was the most difficult moment of her life and career, when she lost control. Here’s what she said she. Photo Ap

It is impressive to hear her say certain things. Not because they are unheard of. Or particularly gory. But because a 32-year-old girl pronounces them. But, looking back, she sees a career as a veteran over 60. Maybe that’s why she jokingly says she is too old to make superhero movies. At the Bfi – London Film Festival, Jennifer Lawrence took stock of his professional achievements. Confessing a very difficult period, the one immediately after the release of Hunger Games.

jennifer lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence poses for David O. Russell’s The Positive Side (2012) Oscar on February 24, 2013: she was only 22 years old. Photo LaPresse

Jennifer Lawrence’s dazzling career

Jennifer lawrence became famous all over the world overnight thanks to the saga Hunger Games. But her rise in Hollywood had already begun when she, in her early twenties, earned her first Oscar nomination for Best Actress in a Leading Role. A cold winter (2010) directed by Debra Granik. Immediately two blockbusters and two important roles had arrived. That of Mistica in X-Men – The Beginning (2011) of Matthew Vaughn. And, in fact, that of Katniss Everdeen in Hunger Games (2012) of Gary Ross. In the meantime, she had also starred in a small film by David O. Russell, Bright side (2012). An unexpected triumph. At 22, J.Law clutched her first Oscar.

Hunger Games

Jennifer Lawrence stars in The Hunger Games (2012), The Hunger Games: Girl on Fire (2013), The Hunger Games: Song of Uprising Part 1 (2014) and The Hunger Games: Song of Uprising Part 2 (2015).

The difficult years of Jennifer Lawrence

But it is at this moment, said the actress, who has just become a mother, that her life is derailed. All that success and the enthusiastic response from Hollywood caused her to lose touch “with the art of acting,” she says. With reality, we translate.

“I think I’ve lost my sense of control,” were Lawrence’s words. Who presented his new film, Causeway, in London. «Between the release of Hunger Games and winning the Oscar, I became a commodity. I had the feeling that every decision was a great decision, a collective decision. When I reflect now, I can’t think about those years and the next because I had lost control ».

The help of Robert De Niro

But there is someone who gave her a hand in those years: Robert De Niro. Jennifer Lawrence and the great actor starred together in The Bright Side (he is the father of the character played by Bradley Cooper). And he, she says, helped her a lot to “calm her nerves when we worked together. He is a warm and sweet person. Obviously being on set with him is very intimidating, but as soon as you meet him, she says ‘Call me Bob’ ».

Jennifer Lawrence in X-Men: The Beginning (2011)

Jennifer Lawrence is the Mystic mutant in X-Men: The Beginning (2011).

No more superhero movies

Although Jennifer Lawrence has been wanting to devote herself to films with characters more grounded in reality since regaining control of her career, many fans are hoping to see her again in the blue Mystique costume. Considering that Marvel has made it known that they want to introduce mutants into its universe. But we will all be disappointed. Because Lawrence said no. “Superhero movies are an art form and they are a lot of fun. But I could never make one now because I’m too old and fragile. ‘

The experience on the sets of X-Men it was heavy. Especially for the 8 hours of makeup needed to turn Raven into Mystic. Between the blue paint and the various prosthetics, she was a kind of torture. That didn’t even allow her to go to the bathroom …


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