Jennifer Lawrence: «Every day, since I became a mother, I feel guilty»

Extremely jealous of her privacy and notoriously reserved, Jennifer Lawrence made an exception to the rule and, called by the magazine variety in a face-to-face dialogue with the colleague Viola Davis for the series Actors on Actors, she told how she is experiencing motherhood. And she did it as honestly as possible.

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For the uninitiated, the American actress, married to Cooke Maroney, art expert at New York’s Gladstone Galler, she became Cy’s mother last February. And no, it hasn’t been all rosy since the birth.

“Even before I was born I was terrified, I was afraid I would ruin everything. Every day as a mom I feel terrible, I am overwhelmed by guilt» Jennifer Lawrence confided to Viola Davis. ​«I’m there playing with my son and I ask myself: “Is this what he wants? Maybe we should get outdoors. What if she’s cold? What if she gets sick? Maybe it’s better to stay inside? Am I doing enough for him?”

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This content can also be viewed on the site it originates from.

Viola Davis immediately empathized with Jennifer Lawrence’s fears and told her colleague about the time when, caught up in 1000 things to do, she got out of the car and only then did she realize that her daughter was still inside and that she had forgotten her keys in the car. To which Jennifer Lawrence confided that one day she forgot to fasten her son’s car seat to the car seat and that she only realized it after a while. ​«My son was fluttering here and there! Damn, it’s good to know we almost killed our children!”, the actress commented ironically. Life as a mother, between ups and downs, daily fears and moments of pure joy. Apparently even the most prominent Hollywood divas know something about it.

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