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George Carbone
George Carbone

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Channel 20 at 21.05
with Jennifer Lawrence, Joel Edgerton, Charlotte Rampling. Directed by Francis Lawrence. USA production 2018. Duration: 2 hours and 19 minutes-

THE PLOT – Dominika is the Bolshoi principal dancer. Everyone (starting from herself) is convinced that she will remain “etoile” for at least 20 years. And she breaks her ankle instead. The tutu career is already at the end of the line. But they quickly find something for her so she can be first again. They enlist her in the “sparrow” girls of Russian espionage trained to be ruthless and deadly war machines. Dominika is soon first there too. Until her “white swan” (her good feelings) prevails in her over the “black swan” that had made her a murderer.

WHY SEE IT – Because it’s a great vehicle for Jennifer Lawrence, an actress who has had a fluctuating career despite her undoubted charm and skill (now after a period of obfuscation she has been relaunched by the TV series “Causeway”). Here she is guided in the best possible way, by the director who cast her in “The Hunger Games” Francis Lawrence (which is “not” as many believe her father or uncle)

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