Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck – fans noticed the singer’s diamond ring!

In 2002, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck were one of the most popular and loved show business couples. They were called “Bennifer.” On September 12, 2003, the star couple were to get married, but a few hours before the ceremony, the wedding was canceled and Bennifer ceased to exist. Years later, history seems to repeat itself … Will there be a happy ending this time?

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck – both tried to make a life for themselves

When the wedding did not take place and their relationship fell apart, both Jennifer and Ben tried to make a new life for themselves. Jennifer Lopez has a relationship with Marc Anthony, with whom she has two children – twins Emma and Max. Ben Affleck, in turn, sought happiness with Jennifer Garner. He also had children – he is the father of Violette, Seraphina and Samuel. The new relationships, however, turned out not to be what the singer and actor were looking for. In 2021, they started seeing them together again …

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Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck, New York 2002


Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck – will it end with a wedding this time?

Following fan speculation, Jennifer confirmed that she is dating Ben again. The lovers do not waste time and their relationship is developing rapidly. According to the tabloids, the couple is even after their engagement! They were seen spending romantic moments on a yacht in St. Tropez when they celebrated the singer’s 52nd birthday. Soon after, a ring with a large diamond was spotted on Jennifer Lopez’s finger. Fans who cheer Bennifer they are almost sure that with this jewelry Ben Affleck asked for the hand of his beloved.

New Idea reports from sources that the artist hoped for this to happen. Jennifer hoped that Ben, who liked to give her diamonds, would ask her this important question on her birthday. Will their relationship survive this time and the couple will end up on the wedding carpet?

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Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck, St.  Tropez 2021

Photo ABACA / Abaca / East News

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