Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck in Venice. How they love each other!

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck arrived in Venice, where they were met by paparazzi. The lovers did not spare themselves tender gestures. Check out these photos.

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck they are an example that old love does not rust. Years ago, they formed one of the hottest show business couples. Wherever they appeared together, they instantly attracted the attention of those around them. Their relationship was so serious that the actor proposed to his beloved and was accepted. Although the bride and groom were planning a wedding, this one did not take place. They separated in 2004.

Years later, they gave themselves a second chance. In early 2021, J. Lo parted with Alex Rodriguez. She did not heal a broken heart for a long time. He stood in her way again Ben Affleck. For some time, the lovers kept their relationship a secret. Despite the fact that the colored press wrote about it, they remained silent.

Jennifer Lopez was the first to speak about the new relationship. She posted a romantic photo on social media where she poses in the arms of an actor. From that moment on, Internet users have no doubt that they have a very strong bond.

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck in Venice. How they love each other!

The feeling that Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez have in common seems to be flourishing. Recently, the lovers came to Venice, where they were met by paparazzi. The couple spared each other tenderness. The lovers not only held hands, but when they got into the water taxi, they hugged each other tenderly.

Jennifer Lopez put her on white that day. She reached for a light, delicate gown with long sleeves. The knee-length dress is finished with a collar. She chose high heels, sunglasses and a protective mask. Ben Affleck, on the other hand, chose black. He wore a long-sleeved blouse with pants and trainers matched.

Probably tomorrow the lovers will make their debut on the red carpet. The reason is the premiere of the movie The last duel. Ben Affleck is the co-author of the script.

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