Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck: The Engagement. What did they look like? Details

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are not only dating, but are said to be after their engagement. One of the couple’s friends told the colored press what this special day looked like. It was very romantic.

Jennifer Lopez she made wedding plans last year. She wanted to marry Alex Rodguez. The lovers planned a spectacular celebration to be held in Italy. They were prevented by the coronavirus pandemic. The country in question at that time was considered very dangerous.

Although it would seem that the wedding is only a matter of time, the couple decided to split up at the beginning of the year. On this issue, they issued an official statement in which they emphasized that this was their first and last comment on the subject. The singer did not complain about loneliness for a long time. An ex-partner stood in her way, Ben Affleck. Apparently, years later, the couple gave each other a second chance.

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck got engaged. Details leaked

Although Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck tried to hide that they were dating, the paparazzi saw the actor sneaking out of the singer’s mansion. From that moment on, the wave of media speculation and articles about their relationship began. People around the stars report that this acquaintance is very serious:

Ben and Jen have always remained friends, but now they are both single again and much more mature than they were the first time. It only takes a few weeks, but everything is going very fast. He spends so much time there that he will move in soon.

The couple recently spent a couple of romantic days in a man’s Montana chalet. Apparently, it was then that the actor asked the singer if she wanted to become his wife, she was to accept the offer. One of the star’s friends in conversation with New Idea revealed the details:

Their acquaintance became very serious. Ben said he didn’t want to lose her. Ever since he got a second chance, he wants to prove to her that nothing will stand in the way of their relationship this time.

Apparently that’s why he asked his beloved to marry him. It took place in a very romantic setting:

This evening was very romantic. They were surrounded by snow, and the stars shone in the evenings. Ben cooked an amazing dinner for her, for which he made steaks from scratch. Then he asked her to marry him. During the trip, they spent hours in the jacuzzi, catching up and making plans for the future.

At the moment, the interested parties themselves have not commented on these revelations. It is certain, however, that these were not the couple’s first romantic engagements. When the actor proposed to J. Lo in November 2002, he surprised the star by covering the whole house with a “rose petal duvet.” He pulled out a stunning ring with a pink diamond and asked the singer to become his wife.

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