Jennifer Lopez and Ben Aflleck engaged? The singer wears a giant diamond on her finger

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck Got Engaged? As reported by foreign media, the singer does not hide it anymore and proudly presents the diamond she wears on her finger.

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck announced in 2002 that they were together. Their relationship aroused enormous interest, and they themselves spared no evidence that they love each other very much and are a perfectly matched couple. And they were considered such for a long time in the eyes of fans. They met a year earlier on the set of the movie “Gigli”, when the singer had been married to Cris Jud for several months. Although for months Lopez and Affleck pretended that they had nothing in common, the artist eventually announced that she was divorcing. Back then, no one doubted that the two had a passionate feeling.

Unfortunately, the couple’s fans were quickly disappointed. Although the lovers were planning a wedding, the ceremony was canceled only four days before it, and each went its own way. Now, however, the former lovers are back together and no longer hide it. The first reports that the couple are meeting again appeared in the spring. As you can see, romance is booming, and the proof of this is the joint journey of the stars on a luxury yacht.

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Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck Got Engaged? The artist was given a diamond ring

During the first engagement, Ben Aflleck presented Jennifer Lopez with a ring with a huge pink diamond. Earlier, he found out that it is this color that is the rarest, and he did not want to give his beloved something that is not really special. As reported by foreign tabloids, the actor and singer have recently become engaged for the second time and do not want to hide it anymore. An article appeared in “New Idea” magazine, which stated that Lopez was wearing an engagement ring on her finger, which Aflleck was said to have given her during a yacht trip, where the couple celebrated the artist’s 52nd birthday. It was there that the actor was about to propose again.

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Unfortunately, in the photos from the day when the couple left the yacht after the expedition, the ring in question is not visible, as well as on the new materials that J Lo shared on Instagram. However, it can be assumed that – as long as the engagement is true – she would not have worn such a large stone all the time. It is therefore necessary to wait for the rumors to be confirmed.

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