Jennifer Lopez cuts herself off from Alex Rodriguez. What did she do?

Jennifer Lopez cuts herself off from Alex Rodriguez. She said firmly enough. Why is it closing the past quite drastically?

Alex Rodriguez after parting ways with J. Lo, he had been watching her love conquests for a long time – or so it seemed. It must have hurt to see the singer in his arms Ben Affleck and the fact that she removed the joint photos from her Instagram profile.

Earlier, the tabloid press had written that he had not taken his fiancée’s new romance very well and was spreading inelegant things about her. It turns out that the athlete cannot forget about the former beloved, and she is fed up with his constant presence somewhere in the background of his new life. She decided to tell him emphatically enough.

Jennifer Lopez cuts herself off from Alex Rodriguez

Jennifer Lopez lost her patience with Alex Rodriguez and his “broken heart” four months after they split up. The star called on her team of lawyers to intervene.

The former baseball star was recently attacked by Internet users for posing with a car that J. Lo had bought for his birthday. The singer’s fans did not leave a dry thread on it. In addition, in July he followed his old partner and her new boyfriend, Ben Affleck, to the French Riviera on his own yacht.

This gets a little scary and starts to irritate Ben, who can be a bit jealous and insecure at best, says a Woman’s Day whistleblower. – After Monaco, she forbade her kids from communicating with Alex’s girlfriends, but it made no difference. Alex just won’t let go!

Friends of the former couple say it all started after Alex summed up the last period of his life in Entertainment Tonight:

I’ve had five amazing years of life and partnership and also with my daughters, we’ve learned so much.

This only made J. Lo even more angry:

He shouldn’t talk about their relationship with the press without first explaining it to her. That was the deal, but it would help her negotiate a way out of all the business deals she had with him – something she hadn’t done yet when they broke up.

After purging her social media accounts of all A-Rod’s traces, last week Jennifer instructed her team to pull back as well by suspending a number of joint ventures, including a new fitness app:

Jennifer is done with Alex. It also departs from him as a business partner. Her management team and her lawyers will talk to his team to resolve any cases.

Alexa’s camp informants say he will fight to prevent this from happening:

It doesn’t look good for these companies – people have invested a lot more for the J.Lo name than Alexa. He needed it financially, but he’s not doing himself any favors by missing her. His ego is quite bruised now.

Although Jen feels guilty about breaking ties with Rodriguez’s daughters, she feels she has no choice – and certainly not, if she wants something to work out with Ben the second time. She decided to cut herself off completely from Alex.

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