Jennifer Lopez has a house like from the movie Parasite. Identical


Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez together with the children they spend the quarantine in a beautiful, luxurious Villa in Miami. There nieplanowanemu surrender to rest. They play, they tense relations. The actress praised the network adorable video of her son max in the lead role. Such a storm, comments, however, did not think. What caused such a reaction from the fans?

Villa Jennifer Lopez like Parasite Bong Joon-ho?

The singer posted a video with his 12-year-old son max, serving drink, and dance on your hoverboardzie on Twitter. Joke

We can’t go to any restaurant or anything else, but work and entertainment here is pretty good… # Be safe.’

The video shows how Max turns again and again when pouring the drinks Alex Rodriguezowi. Then demonstrates the dance moves and jumping into the pool. The film has caused a real storm in the network.

Fans of Jennifer Lopez immediately dopatrzyli the similarity of her house to oscarowego film Parasite Koreńczyka Bong Joon-ho.

  • You don’t need a caregiver?
  • And can you potzrebny therapist? – write, returning to the storyline of the production.

One answer has even become viralem and got more likes and retweetów than the original Jennifer Lopez.

Please check your basement, – wrote Internet user.

Parasie – garden

Parasie – garden

Jennifer Lopez spoke recently about his decision to go quarantine yourself and your family to protect from the virus.

At the moment we’re stuck in the house, said Lopez ELLE magazine – I! All the subjects in quarantine, and the world turned on its head and crazy. So now we have to make lemonade from lemons, isn’t it? We must find a way to focus and to work from home, but also to find things that will allow us to remain calm.

She admitted also that does a lot of shopping on the Internet, so as to bring happiness. It is therefore not surprising that fans podłapali comments about the similarity of the Korean film. Villa and Lopez family could be Holy replacement of a wealthy family with oscarowej production.

More photos of J. Lo home you’ll find in the gallery.

What Parasite?

South Korean Parasite this film is about a poor family Who infiltrującej the house of a wealthy family Park. Acting as a self-titled parasite, but the storyline is full of surprises, funny, dark, surprising. No wonder Bong Joon-ho took in this year “Oscar”, and his work was oklaskiwane for the manifestation of class differences in an innovative way.

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