Jennifer Lopez set the chic in Venice. She forgot the tag

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“Daily Mail” writes about a faux-pas singer who honored with her presence the show of a friendly duo of designers. Journalists evidently wanted to let the world know that J. Lo had some faults and that he was giving back his clothes, hence the unfortunate label. However, they did not notice that many world-class stars do so and there is no reason why she should just get it for it.

Beloved Ben Affleck supported her Italian friends, attracting attention with a perfectly presented outfit. And the fact that millions of people around the world saw her wearing designer clothes is only a plus. It is true that the stylists did not notice the price tag hanging from an expensive coat, but it certainly happened to everyone.

Jennifer seemed pleased with her appearance. Appropriately tagged photos found their way to her social media, which garnered several million likes, not to mention comments. Fans of the star, whose time is irresistible, mourn with delight over the Latin style. “Goddess” – they write. The last photo shared by the singer and actress makes the biggest impression. It looks like a frame from the best Hollywood movie. It’s hard to believe that J.Lo recently turned 51. She has achieved a lot in her life and still a lot ahead of her.

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