Jennifer Lopez will perform at the wedding of friend Viktor Orban. The inhabitants create memes because her surname translates into Hungarian

As reported by the Hungarian media, Jennifer Lopez is to take “astronomical” money for her performance at the wedding of Lorinc Meszaros. However, it is not their sum that causes the greatest controversy. Meszaros is considered to be the best friend and unquestionable supporter of the extremely conservative Hungarian prime minister – Viktor Orban.

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Jennifer Lopez will perform at the wedding of Lorinc Meszaros

Lopez is to appear at the wedding of Lorinc Meszaros and his new chosen one – presenter Andrea Varkonyi. The concert is to be organized by a leading event company in Hungary, which in the past helped bring many world-class stars to the country. This is not the first time that Lopez has accepted an invitation to a concert from a controversial figure. In 2013, it honored the 56th birthday of Kurbankuła Berdymukhammedov, the president of Turkmenistan, who is accused of violating human rights. The star then apologized to the fans and the press, explaining that … she did not know for whom.

Social media users remain ruthless in the face of reports about the J.Lo. concert. The fact that “lop ez” in Hungarian means … “to steal it” adds to the mockery. Commentators laugh that the name of Jennifer fits extremely well with the figure of Meszaros, embroiled in the corruption prevailing in the Hungarian government.

'Lop ez' in Hungarian‘Lop ez’ in Hungarian photo: screen – Google Translator

The satirical pages also create playlists of songs by J.Lo that she could sing at the billionaire’s wedding. There are also such hits as “Jenny from the Block”, which remind of Lopez’s humble roots (Meszaros started as a plumber) or “Love Don’t Cost a Thing”.

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Meszaros, when asked about the secret of his success, enumerated three points: “God, happiness and Viktor Orban”. The oligarch’s wealth is to reach 479.4 billion forints (over 1.3 billion euros).

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