Jennifer Lopez’s mom appeared in the ad. It was directed by Ben Affleck!

The minute-long ad for the WynnBET betting and gambling app made a lot of noise. Not only was it directed by Ben Affleck, but also many famous faces took part in it. Affleck himself appears, along with NBA star Shaquille O’Neal and American comedian Melvin Gregg. But the real surprise for everyone is participation in the Guadalupe Rodríguez spot, mom of Jennifer Lopez. The family calls her the diminutive Lupe, and that’s what the name says in the spot.

The mum of the famous singer is featured in this casino ad where she plays slot machines and wins a hefty sum. The spot was filmed in June when Affleck and Rodríguez were photographed by paparazzi in Las Vegas.

As it turns out, gambling is nothing new to Jennifer Lopez’s mother. The singer revealed in one of the interviews that her mother once won $ 2.4 million in a casino in Atlantic City. As reported by E! Online, the singer’s mother is very happy that her daughter is back with the actor. “Guadalupe loves Ben and is happy to bring Jennifer back to life,” says a close friend of the Lopez family. The website’s informant also revealed that Jennifer and Ben are no strangers to gambling. “They both enjoy gambling and have gone to casinos together in the past,” he said.

Even more than starring in a commercial and going to the casino, Lupe will surely enjoy Ben Affleck’s and her daughter Jennifer’s engagement party. This may happen soon, because in late August, the actor was photographed by paparazzi at the Century City Mall in California, as in the Tiffany & Co. he looked at the engagement rings and his mother advised him.

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