Jesse Williams’ frontal nude goes viral and raises controversy (video)

The frontal nude by Jesse Williams in Take Me Out had been widely foretold, but that didn’t stop leaked images from one of the reruns of his Broadway show from becoming an accident. Not only because the actor’s body, completely exposed to the public in the hall, has also become the subject of comments from all over the world on social media, but also because a controversy has arisen raised by theActors’ Equity Association.

Jesse Williams’ frontal nude has become the trending topic on Twitter when some videos, recorded during a staging of Take Me Out, have started to circulate on the net. In the images the actor of Grey’s Anatomy com appears completely naked, as he had previously announced. It is in fact the adaptation of the play by the American playwright Richard Greenberg, finalist for the Pulitzer Prize for dramaturgy, set in the locker room of a Major League Baseball team in which issues such as homophobia, racism and classism emerge.

The frontal nude of Jesse Williams, however, should have remained only a performance in the context of a show reserved for the paying audience at the theater, which had been banned from recording with any device. Instead he has become the object of predictable chatter, monopolizing conversations on social networks between jokes of dubious taste and some memes. All this, however, just as the actor was receiving one Tony Award nominations for his portrayal of midfielder Darren Lemming. An unjust drift, as the association that defends the rights of the actors points out, commenting on the unpleasant implications of the case. This is the press release signed by Kate Shindlepresident of the Actors’ Equity Association.

We strongly condemn the creation and distribution of photos and videos of our members during a nude scene. As actors, we regularly accept that we are vulnerable on stage to tell difficult and inspiring stories. But that doesn’t mean we accept that those vulnerable moments are widely shared by anyone who wants to sneak a recording device into the room..


Jesse Williams’ frontal nudity had also induced his co-star of Grey’s Anatomy Ellen Pompeo to ask herself some problems as a spectator. The actor, however, tries to play down. Andy Cohen’s guest at his Watch What Happens Live, Williams he toned down speaking of his embarrassment in appearing completely undressed in front of the audience.

It was my first time. After this I won’t be afraid of anything else (…) Everyone makes a big deal out of it but it’s just a body, once you see it, you realize it’s normal! I just have to make sure it’s not a big deal.

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