Joanna Koroniewska is dancing in a swimsuit and compares herself to Ariana Grande

Joanna Koroniewska was chosen the influencer of the year for a reason. The actress enjoys great sympathy with fans who value her primarily for her great distance to herself and her extraordinary sense of humor. Her profile on Instagram is also far from idealized, falsifying the reality of pictures, and honesty is another feature for which fans love her. Now Koroniewska has published a funny post on the web and once again won the hearts of her observers and observers.

Joanna Koroniewska dances to the hit of Ariana Grande

Koroniewska shared a video on Instagram in which the laughing woman dances to the popular song by Ariana Grande, wearing only a one-piece bathing suit. Her impressive hairstyle, inspired by the American singer, also attracted attention. The laughing actress looked very radiant, and the recording, full of positive energy, was very liked by the actress’s fans. However, it was his signature that amused them the most.

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I got up in the morning and had an epiphany. I am like Ariana Grande, dot to dot. I also have a husband and a similar hair color. And temperament …

– the amused actress joked. She also juxtaposed a photo of the famous American singer with hers, in which she imitates her face. Fans appreciated her joke, thanking her for improving her mood.


Like two drops of water

And there is some Grande, this unique smile, only at Koroniewska’s

But positive, bravo, every woman should feel this way

You are our Joanna, fortunately

Aśka, you are a firecracker, not a woman! I had a laugh!

– equally amused fans complimented. And you? Can you see the similarity?

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