Joanna Przetakiewicz showed a photo in dark hair in which she looks like Jennifer Lopez!

The well-known fashion designer Joanna Przetakiewicz has been faithful to her image for years, both in terms of clothes and hairstyles. For as long as we remember, the star has long blonde hair reaching at least the middle of the back. Now, however, she clearly decided to change something, because she showed the photo in brown strands! Has Joanna Przetakiewicz decided to make a radical metamorphosis and dyed her hair?

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Joanna Przetakiewicz in dark hair

Currently, Joanna Przetakiewicz is resting in Ibiza, where she rests in the Spanish sun. The vacation evidently inspired her to change, because the designer showed pictures of her in various hair colors, including dark brown. She asked fans on Instagram for their opinion:

Dim further or brighten? Which color do you choose 1, 2, 3 or 4?

This is of course the effect of Instagram filters, but we have to admit that it is impressive! And although we like Joanna Przetakiewicz in blonde hair, dark hair also suits her very well and we hope that one day she will decide on such a radical metamorphosis.

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What do the fans say? It turns out that the star will have a hard time to crack, because the voices of the fans are spread evenly. A large part love it in the current color and cannot imagine a change. Others like the option with a lot of lightening, and another group is delighted with brown. This is David Woliński, who judged that Joanna Przetakiewicz in her dark hair looks like Jennifer Lopez! Can you see the similarity too?

Or maybe she will stay with her color?

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