Joaquin Phoenix is ​​Napoleon in the first photos from the set of Ridley Scott’s Napoleon

The first photos emerged from the set with Joaquin Phoenix as Bonaparte, in Ridley Scott’s Napoleon.

We can show you the first ones photo unofficial of Joaquin Phoenix in the role of Napoleon Bonapartein the feature film Napoleon Of Ridley Scottcurrently filming for Apple TV +with a publication tentatively placed in 2023. Eclectic and chameleon like few others, it seems that Phoenix can be convincing in a further different incarnation.

Napoleon, how Ridley Scott’s film with Joaquin Phoenix was born

Napoleonoriginally titled Kitbagis a project by Ridley Scott born at 20th Century Studios with the director’s explicit intention to return to work with Joaquin Phoenix. But soon after The Last Duel, Scott’s contract with the Disney subsidiary ended, so Napoleon returned to the market and was taken over by the Apple Studios in January 2021, with filming to take place in England and Malta in the course of 2022. Initially the important role of Joséphine Bonaparte was intended for Jodie Comerbut the numerous postponements of the project for the reasons explained led to its replacement with Vanessa Kirby. Napoleon will foresee six great battle scenesthe highest number of sequences of this type ever seen in a feature film dedicated to the important historical figure.
The screenplay is written by David Scarpaformerly Scott’s collaborator for All the money in the world.

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