Joaquin Phoenix’s first photos come from Napoleon’s set

After the success of Gladiator, Joaquin Phoenix and the director Ridley Scott return to the big screen with a new project: Napoleon. The Oscar-winning actor was in fact chosen by Scott to play the heroNapoleon Bonaparte, in his new film, whose resumed they started in England to February 2022 under the supervision of Apple Studios.

From the set of Greenwichsouth-east of London, the first arrive photos by Joaquin Phoenix as Napoleon. Impossible to be wrong, since the actor is fully dressed in the eighteenth-century uniform and the typical hat of the French general, the so-called “Petit chapeau“. In fact, it seems that on March 9, the date on which the photos date back, several scenes of fighting and conflicts.

Many have judged the choice of Joaquin Phoenix as absolutely spot on hero from Napoleon. The actor in recent years has certainly stood out for his versatility and the ability to perfectly render personality complex of his characters, from the emperor Commodus to the Joker (role that earned him the Oscar). Scott himself stated:

“No actor could play the part of Napoleon as well as Joaquin would. He created one of the most complex emperors in the history of cinema Gladiatorand we will create an equally important character with Napoleon. “

Alongside Phoenix in Napoleon there is Vanessa Kirbydirectly from the cast of The Crownwho took over from Jodie Comer as Josephine of Beauharnais. Comer had to withdraw from the role of her due to her continuous delays in filming for reasons related to Covid-19.

The new film directed by Ridley Scott and with a screenplay by David Scarpa will have as its subject the famous French general Napoleon Bonaparte. The film will focus on life and theascent to the power of Napoleon, with an in-depth study on relation with his first wife Giuseppina. The title was originally supposed to be Kitbag for Napoleon’s famous phrase: “There is something general hidden in the bag (kitbag) of every soldier“; in the end, a more intuitive title was chosen. There exit date is not yet known, but the film is expected to hit theaters in 2023.

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