Joda proposes Brazil Olive. Fans: “What country is Nicky or Cardi B”

Oliwka Brazil drove off the shoe to the Polish stage, where she first appeared twice with Smolasty in “Playboy” and “Oh Daddy” (multi-million views), and then released a fully solo song.

“BIG MOMMY”, because this issue is discussed, appeared at the end of last week. In less than 3 days, it reached over half a million views on YouTube, which is an excellent result for a solo debut. Oliwka Brazil received many props not only from the audience, but also from representatives of the Polish rap scene, such as Frosti, Berson, Colins Alcomindz, Young Leosia and, of course, Smolasty. This group also included a member of BOR – Joda.

The rapper first recommended the single “BIG MOMMY” and then responded to critical comments from his listeners about the new artist in the Warner Music Group.

  • I decided to answer a lot of people because after I threw the number of a young rapper, Oliwki Brazil, I got messages like: “Well, what country is Nicki or Cardi B like”. So fuck please tell me how many Polish Travis Scott, Pop Smoke, Drake do you listen to? Answer this question for yourself. Because it is a woman is less visible or what is it? Also, do not pin your ass, because it is entertainment music and what I like doesn’t have to be liked by someone, etc. – he handed over.

CHECK IT OUT: “BIG MOMMY” clip. Olives Brazil

See Joda in the # Rate program – Sarius, Popek, Prince Kapota and others:

What about Rapnews Studio this week? #RAPGRA game show and live with Kosa, a representative of QueQuality:

photo: @ciociaewaaa_foto

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