John Krasinski and Emily Blunt in Marvel’s Fantastic Four?

It’s not long since Disney’s formal takeover of 20th Century Fox, and speculation is already circulating online about what Marvel Studios will do with the recovered heroes. Recently, there has been a lot of talk about the new “Fantastic Four”. If you believe the information coming to us from various sides, the studio has already started preliminary work on the show.

Thanks to Geeks WorldWide, we know who is being considered to participate in “Fantastic Four”. They are the spouses John Krasinski and Emily Blunt (“Quiet place”).

This information was later confirmed by the We Got This Covered portal. Krasinski would play Reed Richards and Blunt would play Sue Storm. However, the WGTC insists that they are not the only candidates for these roles. Unfortunately, the website did not specify who else was on the list.

This is not the first time Hollywood has tried to attract Krasinski and Blunt to a comic book show. A few years ago, it was said that Warner Bros. saw them as the Arrow – Black Canary duo in “Birds of Prey”. This, as we know, did not materialize, however.

Apparently a great supporter of the uprising “Fantastic Four” there is a director “Ant-Mana” Payton Reed. Earlier this year, he revealed that several years ago he tried to convince 20th Century Fox that the studio would give him a chance to shoot a comic book show. He wanted to make a story set in the 1960s a la “Night after a hard day”. The studio’s vision was different, which resulted in Reed leaving and filming “Fantastic 4” by Tim Story.

Recently, however, there have been rumors that Reed is talking to Kevin Feige about the new “Fantastic Four”. What will come out of these discussions, we will probably soon find out.

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