John Wick and Baby Yoda

John Wick and Baby Yoda are the most popular fictional characters of recent years. The fan work prepared for the first time brings them together.

We can easily say that John Wick, who Keanu Reeves brings to life, is the most popular character of recent times. He became such a popular character that the single-film adventure turned into a huge series. We know that the fourth or fifth film will soon be in the audience. On the other hand, the Disney + platform starring the Star Wars series The Mandalorian series brought along with Baby Yoda. Of course, everyone knows it’s not Yoda. However, this sweet baby from the same race as Yoda managed to conquer everyone’s hearts. In short, if we say that John Wick and Baby Yoda left their mark in 2019, we wouldn’t exaggerate. When this happened, it didn’t take long for fan work to bring them together.

BossLogic, who has been on the agenda of social media with her recent works, has gained great acclaim and became the name that brought together Baby Yoda and John Wick. His successful name shared his work on social media accounts. With his work “The monster at the end of the episode! Keanu Reeves has taken over the first half of the year. Baby, they were in the second half. ” I share his words.

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