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from Chiara Maffioletti

New chapter of the saga: the actor asks for compensation for defamation of his ex-wife

Waiting for Johnny Depp and Amber Heard were throngs of photographers, dozens of journalists ready to take notes and crowds of screaming fans, with messages and hearts written on their posters. The one started in Fairfax, Virginia, not for some film festival in which the two actors participated, but a libel trial against Heard, after her ex-husband sued her, for 50 million. dollars.

Not exactly a happy ending that of the ex couple who, for a few months, made people dream, around Hollywood. The two had married in 2015, but it was soon realized that behind the smiles in favor of the room, their union was anything but fairytale: their marriage lasted fifteen turbulent months before the two broke up, and then divorced in 2017. Not a simple character incompatibility, but an end that has come between very heavy and reciprocal accusations of domestic violence. Always rejected, despite the images of Heard with a swollen face (the actor had talked about artful makeup) and an audio in which she was the one to admit to having hit him. Now this process, wanted by Depp after an article published in 2018 on the Washington Post, in which the ex-wife spoke of herself as a victim of domestic violence. Without ever mentioning it, even if, according to the star’s lawyers, the reference would be so evident that it is not necessary. To the point of compromising the actor’s career, he is now 58 years old.

In the trial started Monday, Heard’s lawyers have called him an obsessed ex-husband bent on revenge. Words that both have heard, present in the courtroom, divided from a few meters away and a couple of lawyers. Blue suit and highlighted hair for him, a big gray jacket for her. They even managed to smile (separately, certainly not to say hello) in some of the many photos that were taken of them in court, despite the restrictions. It will be the same in the next few days, which turn this legal battle into something of a (sad) event. The list of witnesses, moreover, also seems to be that of those invited to an exclusive party. Elon Musk, James Franco, Paul Bettany, Ellen Barkin. They are just a few.

For Depp, this is also a second opportunity: to dismiss the accusation of abusing his ex-wife, after losing the case against the tabloid Sun, who had called him a hard-hitting husband. Unlike then, the actor now turns to Heard, retracing their union. A nefarious decision according to the actress’s lawyers: The evidence against her is not good but she is trying to turn this affair into a soap, they said. At the end of this painful race backwards, not a judge will speak but a jury. Which, in fact, will decide who is telling the truth.

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