Johnny Depp saves himself from bankruptcy. For the third time he tries to sell a French village

Johnny Depp
Author: ERIC GAILLARD / AFP / East News

Looks like Johnny Depp is on the verge of bankruptcy. There has been talk of his poor financial situation for years. Due to a loud divorce from Amber Heard, he loses more roles and more money. Therefore, for the third time Johnny Depp put up for sale his French village.

For years, Johnny Depp has been said to be in a bad financial position. The actor earned a fortune on his famous roles. However, money does not seem to stick to him. Everything else was complicated by the famous divorce from Amber Heard. The actor must not only finance the court battle, but also fight for his image.

After he lost the trial to the tabloid, everyone considered him a “muggler”, although the case is still pending. Johnny Depp has lost at least a few roles and a lot of money as a result.

Due to a bad situation, Johnny Depp is putting up his French mansion for sale for the third time.

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Johnny Depp tries to sell a French village for the third time

In good times, Johnny Depp got himself an estate in France. This is the 19th century town of Le Plan de la Tour. It is located less than 30 kilometers from the famous resort of Saint-Tropez.

He bought it in 2000 and spent millions renovating the buildings. There are six guest houses, a private restaurant and an art studio. There are also two swimming pools, a square, a skate park, a fully equipped gym and a wine bar.

There are no interested parties … Johnny Depp has already tried to sell the property twice – in 2015 and 2016.

Maybe he will have more luck this time? For a fairy-tale estate in Provence, you have to pay 55.5 million dollars.

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