Johnny Depp sells his mansion. It’s really the whole French countryside

The price is not excessive for this real estate segment. It will be another attempt by the actor to sell the property. Will it work this time?

Entire village bought

During his relationship with actress Vanessa Paradis, the actor wreaked a nest in sunny France for the family. For this purpose, he bought historic buildings along with the entire abandoned village near the town of Le Plan-de-la-Tour. All buildings covered an area of ​​15 hectares.

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The estate belonging to the actor is located approx. 30 km from the popular resort of Saint-Tropez. Johnny Depp and his family lived on the estate for 14 years. At that time, the actor spent about 10 million euros on renovations and construction of additional attractions for children. On the property there is, among other things, a skatepark and two swimming pools.

An attempt to sell … for the third time

The actor and his partner split up in 2012 and three years later, when Johnny Depp was getting married again, he decided to sell the family estate. At that time, it was valued at $ 23 million. Despite the lack of applicants, the property was put up for sale again a year later. This time the price was more than twice as high ($ 50 million), but no one was willing to buy it again.

One of the pools on the propertyOne of the pools on the property press materials / Hilton & Holand

The property is now available for purchase again, but the price is lower than last time. According to the real estate agency Hilton & Holand, the price for the property is EUR 35 million, or approximately PLN 158 million.

What will the buyer get by paying the full amount? The 1,200 m2 area comprises the main residence, six guest houses, a bar and a restaurant. The whole has 15 bedrooms and 14 bathrooms.


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