Johnson canceled? It may affect the breach of covid restrictions

The Polish Press Agency wrote about the case on Thursday, citing press reports in Great Britain. The direct reason that may decide to remove the country’s prime minister from the party’s position would be the falling support in the polls, which is the lowest for conservatives since 2013.

Johnson and COVD

In a study commissioned by The Times, the Conservative Party can only count on 28 percent. endorsement. Thus, the opposition Labor Party has an advantage of 10 pp. The main beneficiaries, however, are to be Liberal Democrats, for whom support has increased to 13 percent. Johnson’s own ratings are even worse – they have fallen to the lowest level since he took office 2.5 years ago and now stand at 23%. Only 2 pp more was once his predecessor Theresa May when she decided to resign.

The vast majority of respondents, including Conservative Party voters, believe that Boris Johnson is not telling the truth about the Downing Street social gatherings during the country’s strict covid restrictions related to the COVID-19 pandemic. On Wednesday, in his speech in the House of Commons, the politician apologized for attending the meeting on May 20, 2020. These events are currently expected to have the greatest impact on the loss of confidence in the British public. The prime minister considered this behavior a breach of covid restrictions, which he had introduced earlier. In the UK media, Johnson’s apologies were considered not very sincere, so it is possible that they will make the situation worse, not better. However, the poll itself was published before the speech.

Garden party

It is a garden party for 40 guests during the first lockdown, when social gatherings were forbidden. In the country, e-mails from Johnson’s private secretary, Martin Reynolds, have been leaked to over a hundred Downing Street employees, urging them to take advantage of the good weather and come to a drink meeting in the garden of the prime minister’s mansion.

According to the party’s regulations, a motion of no confidence in the leader of the formation may be put to a vote if he applies for it at least 15%. members of the deputies’ club, which currently means 54 deputies.

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